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Each range by Maison de Senteurs tells the story of authentic fragrances of our country, Tunisia, and of elsewhere: the immortal jasmine, the sweet orange blossom, the unforgettable rose...

We make you discover the benefits of the Hannibal land’s oil: the olive oil.
We work in our workshops, season by season, to give shape and meaning to all of these scents.
We conceive nostalgic forms such as our "Mechmoum", the famous small bouquet of jasmine, emblem of the country, that we realize as a soap. Our ranges offer both individual products in large format and gift boxes designed in noble materials, such as wood or copper, increasing thereby the gift’s value.

  • The aloe Vera

    From ancient Mesopotamia to Greece of the beginning of the Christian era, going through Egypt of the Pharaohs as well as the Indian and Chinese civilizations, till the Mediterranean, the virtues of aloe gel were well known. All over the centuries, the plant has been used for its beneficial effects. It contains a large amount of vitamins, and in Tunisia, Aloe Vera has an excellent quality.
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  • Peach and Apricot

    The aromatic extract of the peach and the apricot is obtained from bio fruit. It is a perfect extract to flavor shower gels, bubble baths and body lotions or to add a sunny touch on a soap or on bath salts. In perfumery, the combinations are many and this extract allows creating incredible fine matches.
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  • Lily of the Valley

    Through its sensitive white bells, Lily of the Valley perfumes the first days of May and announces the arrival of the warmth of this cheerful month. Lily of the Valley has been a symbol of renewal and spring for such a long time, so it made sense to see it considered as the symbol of happiness and a good luck charm. On May 1st, 1561, Charles IX set up the tradition of offering lily of the valley on May 1 as a lucky charm.
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  • Orange Blossom

    For centuries, the orange blossom has been known for its medicinal properties and as a major ingredient of the best perfumes. In the region of Cap Bon in the north of Tunisia, its harvest takes place in April and its delicate and subtle aroma is obtained by distillation of the flowers. The orange blossom with its fresh and sensual delicate fragrance is part of our Tunisian traditions and we wanted you to enjoy it for pure moments of relaxation
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  • Olive oil

    The olive tree and olive oil are extremely important in the cultures and civilizations of the Mediterranean. The olive harvest always begins by the beginning of November, when olives reach their maturity naturally rich in fatty acids and a sip of vitamins A and E. This oil with nourishing, regenerating and protective virtues is gently introduced into soaps, shower gels and body milks.
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  • Lavander

    Originally coming from the western Mediterranean basin, lavender was already used by the Romans to keep the washed laundry and perfume the bathroom. In Provence, lavender was used, since the Middle Ages, for the composition of perfumes and drugs, but it is from the 19th century that the culture develops. The boom of the French production of lavender essential oil has been related to the implementation of perfumeries in the region of Grasse.
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  • Argan

    The Argan tree, this rare tree declared by UNESCO as part of world heritage. Its fruit kernels produce a nourishing oil used for body care. It also has acknowledged cosmetic properties. It softens the skin, favors its hydration and helps fight against aging.
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  • Verbena

    This small shrub with serrated leaves is grown around the Mediterranean basin. It is in June, when the baskets are crammed with the freshly harvested green leaves, that verbena embalms the markets. Its fresh and lemony scent as well as its soothing virtues are unanimously approved.
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  • Jasmine

    Anyone who has visited Tunisia still remembers the intense scent of jasmine embalming our streets by night. Enjoy the heady fragrance of the most typical flower of Tunisia with her sensual and unforgettable scent.
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  • The Rose

    Tunisia is a country full of scents, from North to South, East to West, each region contributes in its way to the enrichment of the Tunisian plant heritage by fragrant plants, which each carry a specific sensory message. From "Souk El Attarine" which has hosted all kinds of perfumes and scents, to Ariana, the town of roses or Rades, the jasmine fortress, as well as Gabes, known by the "henna", Tunisia remains distinct from many other Maghreb countries by its sensory richness, its fragrant plants and their scents.
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