Maison de Senteurs

Where well-being and nature never separate

Maison de Senteurs, is the story of a couple and of a passion for developing the Tunisian heritage. As for her, she comes from a famous Sfaxian family of floral waters manufacturers and he belongs to a family of spice traders.

A highly complementary matching that gave birth, in 2001, to Maison de Senteurs, our workshop for body and wellness products with the main conductive idea, still as vivid till today, of realizing body products with natural extracts of plants and scents of Tunisia.

Our philosophy

Each range by Maison de Senteurs tells the story of authentic fragrances of our country, Tunisia, and of elsewhere: the immortal jasmine, the sweet orange blossom, the unforgettable rose... We make you discover the benefits of the Hannibal land’s oil: the olive oil.

We work in our workshops, season by season, to give shape and meaning to all of these scents. We produce our handmade products based on selected raw materials. We are open to the current trends, and to the demands of a consumer always more careful when it comes to products quality.

The concept of "Maison de Senteurs"

The coherence and synergy of our ranges, as well as the diversity of the lines composed of sought-after raw materials, the variety of shapes and colors in our designs and the use of accessories made by the hands of Tunisian craftsmen such as the ceramic of Nabeul, the wood or the plates of hammered copper, have all together created over the years the concept "Maison de Senteurs" that can now develop into a corner, a showroom, a shop. The multiplication of “Maison de Senteurs” settlements is a guarantee of success for all.

Discover our ranges

Craft Creation

Each product of “Maison de Senteurs” is made by hand. Soaps are packed one by one with great care, the wooden boxes are weathered by our cabinetmakers, oils, gels, milks are filled and labeled separately to give the final product a soul, the soul of a handmade product.

Ingredients’ quality

We carefully select the herbal components and plant essences that we use. Our products contain no parabens or phenoxyethanol. All our products meet the international regulations on cosmetics and were subject to mandatory laboratory analyzes

Customer satisfaction

Our eagerness to put customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list has led us to follow the precepts of international standards. While remaining a craft workshop, we comply in our products to the largest standards. This is our quality assurance.

We wish you a wonderful trip through our pages « Maison de Senteurs ».